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One of the most important parts in the business of investing, is the planning. It is essential that the investment is planned from the very first thought to the final exit strategy. CCMG believes in planing for every contingent, no matter the size..

At CCMG, our strategic investment methods are based on sound investment practices. Growth, Risk Management, Capital Infusion and the most important, Timing. Because, all of the other practices are important, but if the timing is off by even a little, it can be a costly venture with failed returns.

Research and Development is very key to the success of all of the investments in which  CCMG implores. From market diversity to risk aversion, CCMG has employed top researchers in its core industries to maximize investment safety and returns.

Experience is a key factor in any endeavor, and at CCMG, we vaule our experienced staff and officers. in the industries that we focus, we have more than 90 years of combined experience. Those industries are Real Estate, Energy, Trade Finance and Investment Banking

The Real Deal

At Chicago Capital Management Group LLC, our only business is to manage, create and control the usage of money.  Our mission is to maximize the returns that our investments bring.


From the very beginning, CCMG has set the standard in capital (money) management for the businesses that we invest our capital into. From Real Estate to Energy, from Banking to Credit Diversity, CCMG is in the business of creating a better world by investing in what makes this world better for all that inhabit it.


Capital Management is Our Only Business!