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About us


For more than a decade, Chicago Capital Management Group LLC has been in the business of managing capital. From raising capital for real estate developments to acquiring and trading debentures. From developing energy production strategies to creating new and inventive ways to deploy capital for for-profit and non-profit entities. CCMG has not just been on the forefront, but it has created the forefront in the first place. There is no other company like CCMG. With more than 90 years of experience in banking, real estate, trade finance and energy, CCMG is making sure to invest in areas that make lives easier for the inhabitants of our beautiful planet. 


CCMG manages the capital for:

TBFT Properties LLC

Light Switch Atomic Energy

Real Estate Investment Concepts, Inc.

Xtreme Conflict Zone, Inc. 

International Tire Recycling Group LTD

The Foulkon Foundation

Synchronous Construction Inc. 

and many more....